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Local Business Owners Like You Have A Problem

Google is not bringing you enough clients

You are constantly investing in Google Ads or SEO. However, you are not meeting your Return-On-Investment goals.

Your inbound leads are of poor quality

The few inbound leads that you are getting are not legitimate potential customers.

Business relies on word of mouth

You get most of your new clients through referrals. Therefore, you are leaving the future of your business in the hands of your existing customers.

Leads are inconsistent

You don't have a good grasp of how many new customers you are landing per month, making it hard to create projections for your bussiness.

What If You Had A Reliable Google Ads Partner?

Google will become your main acquisition channel

We will work in your account and optimize it to make it your main acquisition channel for new clients.

You will get high quality leads

We will narrow down your best leads and bring you more of those as the campaign progresses.

We will set up an automatic inbound system for your business

You will no longer need to depend on referrals to get new business. You will attract new clients on a daily basis through our Google Ads efforts.

Leads will be consistent

You will be able to project the amount of new work that you will get in the next weeks or months with our metrics.

Our Process

We make it simple for our clients.

30-Min Onboarding

We will have a brief call where our team will gather all the information required to start.

Expedited Setup

We will audit your account, design your landing pages, build your campaigns, set up conversion tracking, and write your ads to get you running 7 days.


We will analyze and improve your account daily. We issue weekly and monthly reports and work by your side as your performance partner.

Proven Results

They speak for themselves.

Mortgage Lender

Orlando, Florida


Hudson Mortgage Solutions came to us to start advertising in Google. We created a high-performing landing page and advertised their (6) mortgage loan products. We then set up their ad groups with high-intent keywords and optimized daily.


We took Hudson Mortgage Solutions from $0 to $5,775 in 30 days with only $555 in ads spend.

Monthly Ads Spend = $555
Revenue = $5,775
ROAS = 10.4x

Vehicle Rentals

Florida (State)


The rental business was running campaigns when they came to us. They had decent results but wanted to consult an expert with the possibility of partnering. We audited their account and found significant room for improvement at their campaign and ad group levels. We started working on their campaign and the results started to show.


We took the rental company to a 4.5x Return On Investment (ROI) with leads costing only $14.93 to them for +$90.00 rentals.

Monthly Ads Spend = $1,120
Cost/Lead = $14.93
ROAS = 4.5x

Commercial Cleaning



Broomday was running campaigns when they came to us. They were currently landing residential clients but wanted to improve their performance and expand to the commercial sector. We audited and optimized their residential campaign, and built their commercial campaign from scratch. As we started getting data from our search terms, results started coming in.


We took Broomday to a 6.0x Return On Investment (ROI) with leads costing only $9.46 to them for $800.00 recurring cleaning contracts.

Monthly Ads Spend = $1,160
Cost/Lead = $9.46
ROAS = 6.0x

What Our Clients Say

Trusted by 6 and 7 figure local businesses.

Raphael Prugner

Prugner Digital Marketing

Caitlin Havener

Spacebar Sorcery Web Design

Yananai Chiwuta


Peter Bowen


Cristhian Diaz

MTC Express

Greivin Carballo

Royal Service Tours

Jeremy Ellis

SEM Engineering
Commercial Director

Isaac Gordon

TAAP Group

About Us

Meet Our Founder

Hey there! My name is Juan de Gracia.

I grew my former business from scratch to 20+ paying clients with Google Ads only.

Then, I decided to switch and provide the same service to other business owners full-time. This is how astrapixel came to life.

We now help local businesses get high-quality local leads and receive up to a 10X Return-On-Investment by working with astrapixel.

If you are struggling to get clients through Google and you are relying on word-of-mouth marketing, I would be happy to help your team.

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