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Case Study #1

Commercial and Residential Cleaning Company

Location: Panama City, Panama.

Overview: Our client sells commercial and residential cleaning services. On the commercial side, they clean offices, dealerships, shopping malls, and single stores. On the residential side, they clean single family homes and apartments.

Approach: Big commercial clients are completely different than residential clients. They search different in Google, are looking for different information in a landing page, and have different budgets. Therefore, we decided to run two completely separate campaigns for commercial and residential services. We created a custom landing page for each branch of their business. We also manage two separate campaigns for them, which have two different keyword groups and budgets.

Average Monthly Results: 

  • All Clicks: 1450
  • All Conversions: 150
  • Conv. Rate: 10.34%
  • Cost Per Conversion: $9.46
  • Revenue: $8,660 (+ new monthly contracts)

Case Study #2

Independent Mortgage Broker

Location: Orlando, Florida.

Overview: Our client sells mortgage loans to individuals that are buying real estate. He helps borrowers connect with lenders and seeks out the best lender for the borrower’s financial situation and interest-rate needs

Approach: We targeted real estate buyers in the state of Florida with (6) different loan types. We used specific keywords in our campaign efforts and landing page to make it easy for each visitor to understand the offers and convert.

Average Monthly Results: 

  • All Clicks: 281
  • All Conversions: 41 
  • Conv. Rate: 14.59%
  • Cost Per Conversion: $13.54
  • Revenue: $5,775.00

Case Study #3

Passenger and Handicap Van Rentals

Location: Florida (State), United States.

Overview: Our client has a fleet of specialized vans for 8, 10, and 12 passengers with capacity to transport passengers in wheelchairs. The company can fulfill orders across the state.

Approach: We focused on targeting the main cities in Central and South Florida for our campaigns: Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. We produced highly targeted ads and brought clients to fill out our rental forms and execute their payments.

Average Monthly Results: 

  • All Clicks: 738
  • All Conversions: 77
  • Conv. Rate: 10.30%
  • Cost Per Conversion: $12.78
  • Revenue: $7,780.00

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